Kidsberry kindergarten & preschool

Kidsberry kindergarten and preschool

The school for happy childhood filled with vivid impressions, joy and delight, communication and friendship, care and love, holidays, games and activities, knowledge, languages and endless development.
Our educational system
  • Kindergarten and preschool
    22+ months Pre-nursery (En + Ru)
    3,5+ y.o. Nursery, Reception (En + Ru)
    5+ y.o. Preschool (En + Ru)
    4+ y.o. British Preschool (only in English!)
  • 6+ Russian 1-4 classes
    6+ Russian zero-class
    4+ Russian preparation to the school
  • Electives
    - Music School (piano)
    - Art School
    - Speech therapist
    - Chess
    - Karate/Taekwondo
  • British school
    4+ y.o. British Preschool (only in English!)
    5+ y.o. Primary school Year 1-2
    7+ y.o. Primary school Year 1, 2, 3, 6
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  • Early Development
    Different lessons for early development
    Speech development
    Cognitive abilities development
    Fine motor skills development
    Physical Education
    Art, Craft
    Bean/Grain plat therapy
    Water play therapy
  • Fun activities
    Outdoor activities and sport
  • Exploring the World
    Science experiments
    Geography and Cultures
    Exploring the World
    Animals, birds, fishes, insects
  • Intelligence and cognitive abilities development
    Memory development
    Speech development
    Logics development
    Educational games
  • English
    Speak practice
    Creating the language base
    Play in English
    Science in English
    Art & Craft in English
    Theme weeks
  • Visual arts
  • Performance arts
    Drama play
Summer programs
  • Camp program
    - Themed educational weeks
    - Holidays and parties
    - Sport activities
    - Art & Crafts
    - Cooking
  • Preparation to the Russian School
    - Reading
    - Grammar
    - Mathematics
    - Writing
    - Science
  • English camp program
    Full-day immersion in the English-speaking environment
    Games, creative activities, science
    Practice communication through play and interesting activities
    Native speakers and expats
  • IT , Robotics
    - Coding
    - Robotics
    - Game Developmnet
Principal says
We always worry about what we do and how. We have a lot of our own freaky ideas that we creatively bring to life! Children definitely appreciate it - they are given out by burning eyes, emotions of joy, delight and serene fun. Many people think that kindergarten is about pedagogy and teachers, but we believe that kindergarten is about building such a system of values, an atmosphere, a combination of various activities and movements, it's about a multifaceted interesting experience that children master and about a happy carefree childhood, which the child will remember with nostalgia and a smile on his face will appear again and again. And our role is to be the architects of childhood, to give children the opportunity to taste the best of the world around them, life. In our collection there is a rich set of author's programs, ideas, moves, adventures that are waiting for the opportunity to share with your child!

Founder, Principal

Our community

We are attended by families of entrepreneurs, bankers, fashion designers, architects, IT managers, film and theater artists, show residents, famous sports coaches, a professor at Yale University (USA), diplomats, ambassadors and various expats from around the world (more 25 countries). The parents of children are progressive people, here are companies and organizations in whose life and development they play a significant role:
Kidsberry brought together children who arrived and are arriving from more than 25 countries: from Russia, the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Japan, China, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, Turkey, etc. Some families purposefully settled next to Kidsberry, having learned from friends about the Kidsberry International school even before leaving their native countries for Moscow. The multicultural and multilingual community allowed us to learn a lot of interesting and useful things for kindergarten and school life. This is how the experience of developing children in 2 foreign languages appeared in our kindergarten and school, completely English classes and preschool groups appeared, in the process of creating methods for trilingual classes in which it will be easy for children to be taught in 2 foreign languages.

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Our teachers
  • ILYA
  • ms. Alana
    psycologyst, co-manager
  • ms. Emily
    Teacher of british group (USA)
  • ms. Nataly
    Teacher assistant
  • ms. Svetlana
    Teacher of preschool
  • ms. Natalia
    Teacher of nursery, reception
  • ms. Elena
    Teacher of pre-nursery group
  • ms. Alfiya
    Music teacher
  • mr. Nori
    Primary school english program Teacher
  • ms. Fiona
    Primary school english program Teacher
  • Iren
    Primary school Teacher
  • ms. Nina
    Dance teacher, choreographer
  • Alena
    Primary School Teacher
  • Nataly
    Speech therapist
  • Vera
Kidsberry kindergarten, nursery school, preschool, daycare center
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Email: kidzberry@yаndeх.ru
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